About us

Our production company creates , produces, markets and find distribution for digital or analog film or video content. This might take the form of movies, television programming, documentaries, industrial films and  commercials or other related work. 

Spot's Film Production


When you want to tell a story about a society; its culture, norms and values and when there is an issue you want to adress what better way is there than to fictionalize it. 

Our production company is here to help you create, produce and market any type or form of films and movies. 

Interior Design

Your space , whether it is your home or your office , is where you should feel the best. For your beautiful mind and heart you need a beautiful space. We make your interior spaces functional, safe and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items that best suits your personality.

Event organization :-

Do you want your event to be filled with unforgettable moments?


Here is how we make that happen! 


We create ideas and we bring those ideas to life through a planned event. 

It is our mission to ensure each and every event is thoughtfully produced and curated to create a moment that is unforgettable and that forges lifelong impressions. 


We have a rich knowledge in understanding the worlds of Art and advertising. And so We make sure that the Ads we craft make people stop in their trucks and make them picture themselves owning whatever it is you are selling. 

When we design an advert we design it in away that reflect your brand values and be relevant and engaging to your targeted


Documentary film:

Is a film that intended to represent a real experience basing on actual events. If you want to do documentaries for any purpose;

be it for instruction, education or maintaining a historical record, we are here for you. 


Our intention and goal is to document reality with standard. 

Graphic design

Does your business have an existing website?
Or is your website outdated? 
Come to us;  
we do a visual communication design to help you visually communicate with a potential visitor. 
We craft a website that is clean and minimal in style so that your work samples can stand out and capture the attention of potential clients. 
The way we craft your Website and  the way we craft your marketing materials will determine who you attract as a potential client. You come to us and we make sure your website can attract ideal clients. 




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web developer and Designer 

The Team

Our creative team