When you want to tell a story about a society; its culture, norms and values and when there is an issue you want to address what better way is there than to fictionalize it. 

Our production company is here to help you create, produce and market any type or form of films and movies. 

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ፊልም ስትሰራ ለምን ትሳሳማለች ? እና የየትናየት አስገራሚ ምላሽ : : ሴት መሆን መሠጠት ነው : : Artist Yetnayet Tamirat

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Feta EBS Game Show: Mikyas Vs Yetenayet

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በካሌብ ሾው

ተወዳጇ ተዋናይት የትናየት ታምራት (ሚሚ) ስትሳሳም ለሰራችው ፊልም በካሌብ ሾው ላይ አስተያየት ሰጠች

በሻይ ሰዓት እንግዳ ቆይታ

የትናየት ታምራት /ሚሚ/ በሻይ ሰዓት እንግዳ ቆይታ በቅዳሜ ከሰዓት